My Contacts Exporter is a tool that gives you the power to export your phone’s contacts to the format that’s best for you.

The exporting process is made simple:

  1. Choose which contacts to export.
  2. Customize which fields you want to make it into your export, and adjust the order they are in.
  3. Choose from 23 different file formats for your final export.

You can even specify your preference on certain field’s formatting, including things like whether or not to include a fields label. For a phone number, for example, you can choose to include the number’s label (work, personal, mobile, ect.) as well as how to format the number (+1 (123) 456-7890 vs. 11234567890). Similar options exist for a number of fields.

Export to the following file types: CSV - .csv Excel - .xlsx Numbers - .numbers OpenDocument - .ods JSON - .json UTF-16 Unicode Text - .txt HTML Document - .html Rich Text Format (RTF) - .rtf Flat OpenDocument - .fods Data Interchange Format - .dif Lotus Workbook (WK3) - .wk3 Lotus Worksheet (WK1) - .wk1 Lotus Formatted Text - .prn Ethercalc Record Format (ETH) - .eth Symbolic Link (SYLK) - .sylk Excel 2007+ Macro XML Format - .xlsm Excel 2007+ Binary Format - .xlsb Excel 97-2004 Workbook Format - .xls Excel 5.0/95 Workbook Format - .xls Excel 4.0 Worksheet Format - .xls Excel 3.0 Worksheet Format - .xls Excel 2.0 Worksheet Format - .xls Excel 2003-2004 (SpreadsheetML) - .xls

Any questions can be sent to [email protected].

Thanks for trying My Contacts Exporter!


My Contacts Exporter processes all the data right on your device. No data is ever sent outside your device.